Clinical studies

Scientific validity is essential for our innovations. Clinical studies evaluate the safety and efficiency of our virtual reality health tools for different types of users. The My Cyber Royaume team rigorously respects the protocols of the Digital Health Agency, guaranteeing the adequacy of its health tools to the needs of practitioners.

“We have to explore the cognitive functions of someone who is sick, it is not always well experienced, and it makes the person feel uncomfortable. This idea of doing just like at home, without penalty or score, is interesting. This method opens several perspectives since we can put the patient in various situations. The programs allow to re-train the patient’s brain until the latter has again integrated, in a positive and non-distressing way, the situations which previously led to issues.”, testifies Prof. Florence Pasquier, professor of neurology at the University of Lille and head of the Lille Resources and Research Memory Center.


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Trials in progress

Maison des Aidants, Lille - Feron-Vrau - Partenaire My Cyber Royaume

Maisons des Aidants

Good Diag ExF Practicability Study

This study aims to assess the practicability of using the Good Diag assessment tool with an aging population, with or without declared cognitive disorders. This step is essential in the development of any clinical material and will provide data on the acceptability and appreciation of the tool by patients.

CHU Lille - Partenaire My Cyber Royaume

CHRU of Lille
Memory Center of Lille and University of Lille

Good Diag ExF clinical trials

These tests complete the practicability study conducted at the Maison des Aidants of Lille. They are ambitious and aim to recruit more than a hundred participants, half of whom suffer from neurodegenerative disorders. This essential step will validate the potential and clinical limitations of the tool. In doing so, Good Diag will be an operational and scientifically validated tool for use by healthcare professionals.

CHU Nice - Partenaire My Cyber Royaume

CHU of Nice
Reference Center for Neuromuscular Diseases

Good Diag Nmd Practicability Study

This study aims to assess the practicability of using the Good Diag Nmd assessment tool with a population suffering from neuromuscular disorders. The Good Diag Nmd tool is an adaptation of the Good Diag ExF software, focused on the assessment of executive functions in people with neuromuscular disorders.

Our equipment

The headset is the essential accessory to discover the virtual reality experience. We offer 2 models of HTC VIVE, the HTC Vive Pro EYE, a wired headset connected to a desktop, and the HTC FOCUS, the autonomous wireless headset. These two high resolution images helmets allow therapeutic immersion. They are also the only ones to offer easily cleanable surfaces, with antibacterial solutions.

Each model offers significant advantages, combining both comfort and usability.