PREV, a module from the Good Cells brain training range designed to maintain the brain’s cognitive abilities.

Virtual reality, real training
Unlike other more abstract brain exercises, Good Cells PREV exercises feature a variety of everyday situations in an extremely realistic virtual environment. This pragmatic approach encourages the rapid completion of complex tasks in everyday life for a more fulfilling life.
PREV is used in medical settings to treat severe cognitive disorders and has benefited from the same technical and scientific expertise, in particular that of the CHRU of Lille, the University of Lille 3, the Memory Centre of Lille and the support of LICEND (Lille Centre of Excellence for Neurodegenerative Disorders).
Each training session stimulates and mobilizes  specific neural connections  .

Good Cells PREV is the preventive and general public version of the Good Cells TREAT professional health tool.

Fields of action of PREV
Good Cells PREV is a variety of training  sessions designed with medical teams that aim to :


  • attention for a better concentration
  • working memory to maintain memory capacity
  • spatial representation  to memorize locations and roads
  • mental organization and coordination to optimize time management
  • logical reasoning  to make rational decisions
  • mental speed to be more efficient


  • lack of concentration
  • attention disorders



cognitive deterioration  :

  • age related
  • related to neurodegenerative diseases
PREV, a therapeutic stimulation

The training sessions are designed to be practiced at home independently because Good Cells PREV is scalable : it adapts to the abilities of each individual so that no one is ever blocked in a level.

Good Cells PREV is simple and intuitive : no special skills are required to use it and the assistance of a third party is not necessary to operate it or to progress in the exercises.

Good Cells PREV is suitable for everyone and can be used from the age of 10 because cognitive problems can occur at any age, whether it is attention deficit memory problems , or simply a lack of concentration.

The whole family can benefit from Good Cells PREV training!


Neurons renew themselves at any age as long as the brain is stimulated. Mental activity makes it possible to increase the number of neurons, but also to create new connections between them.

Regular training therefore helps to maintain and improve brain function .

« Good Cells PREV helps to preserve your brain capacities and even increase them regardless of your age. Its virtual reality plunges you into a world of brain training that captivates you and makes you feel out of place while improving your performance. » Pascal Antoine

Professor of Psychology, University of Lille in the SCAlab laboratory