TREAT revolutionizes therapeutic rehabilitation by providing innovative solutions to disorders resulting from diseases or life accidents. It is always associated with PREV. 

Virtual reality, real benefits!
All patients can benefit from TREAT therapy, their adaptation to the virtual reality headset is incredibly fast, and this, at any age. They are reassured bu the soothing environment in which the sessions take place and put at ease by training sessions designed to never confront them with failure since they are personalized and adapted to each individual’s level. Their progress is encouraged by numerous updates that keep them entertained: new scenarios, objects, sets…
By offering exercises anchored in reality and immersing patients in a realistic familiar environment, Good Cells TREAT allows them to find meaning in the exercises, to better understand the instructions, to perform the tasks more intuitively and ultimately, to find useful landmarks more quickly to face everyday life.
Reliable, economical and rewarding for therapists, TREAT aims to contribute to patients’ quality of life through symptoms management in a soothing environment. Because the training is progressive and customizable according to each patient and following a pre-established diagnosis, Good Cells TREAT is the ideal complement to the virtual reality diagnostic assessment tool.
The objectives of TREAT therapy


  • the division of attention
  • the initiation of the action
  • inhibition
  • the planning process
  • resistance to interference
  • spontaneous mental  flexibility
  • updating in working memory
TREAT, a professional care tool

The Good Cells TREAT tool is a complete medical interface where the follow-up of patients’ sessions is facilitated. As a caregiver, you have the opportunity to consult the patient’s data, compare his or her sessions, observe his or her progress and thus adapt the rest of the therapy.

All the informations collected can be exported by the therapists, authorized on the application as a PDF file.

Easy to transport : thanks to the boxed set where everything is included, sessions can be practiced anywhere, in the centre, in the office or at the patients’ home.

Remotely accessible : thanks to automatic progress backups, health data is updated and accessible everywhere.

Good Cells TREAT allows the creation of multiple accounts for different therapists and doctors who use the software during sessions.

Secure: the information collected on the software remains confidential. They are accessible by password and only on the local server.

Good Cells TREAT places patients in a psychological disposition that :


  • encourages their adherence to therapy
  • promotes their active participation
  • soothes interpersonal relationships
  • facilitates the performance of care actions