Our partners

Scientific partners

CHRU of Lille
Lille Memory Center and University of Lille

The clinical trials concerning the Good Cells and Good Diag Exf software are carried under the direction of Professor Florence Pasquier (CHU of Lille and University of Lille). The individual monitoring committee is made up of 3 recognized researchers: Prof. Pascale Piolino (Paris Descartes), Prof. Philippe Allain (University of Angers), and Prof. Frédéric Banville (UQAR – Canada).

CHU of Nice
Reference Center for Neuromuscular Diseases

Clinical practicability study on Good Diag Nmd software for the evaluation of patients with neuromuscular disease. The pilot study is being carried out at the Nice CHU under the direction of Professor Sabrina Sacconi. The scientific partners associated with this study are: Dr Villa (neurologist) – Dr Cavalli (neurologist) – Dr Puma (neurologist) – Laurent Zikos (neuropsychologist) – Jeremy Garcia (physiotherapist) – Victor De Paz (physiotherapist) – Elsa Guedj (neuropsychologist) ) – Andra Ezaru (Internal).

Innovative partners

APF Lab – Le Hub (Roubaix)
Sébastien Vermandel, Project Manager

Le Hub is the Handicap and New Technologies expertise center of APF France Handicap. The objective is to facilitate access to digital technology for people with disabilities to help them in their daily lives.

Lille Memory Center
Prof. Florence Pasquier

The memory center offers memory consultations to diagnose a memory disorder and set up appropriate care for the patient and for his relatives.

Maison des Aidants of Lille
Nathalie Quaeybeur, Director

The Maison des Aidants is a support and relief platform for family caregivers.

Catholic University of Lille
Pr Bruno Lenne

Master of Neuropsychology and cognitive neurosciences, Clinical, anatomical, and neurophysiological contributions under the responsibility of Prof. Bruno Lenne.


PRIMOH is the Mobility and Handicap Research and Innovation center of the Hauts-de-France region. The center relies on a community of researchers who have worked collaboratively for more than 20 years under the responsibility of Prof. Philippe Puddlo.

Jacques Calvé Centre
Hopale Foundation

With one of the largest technical platforms in France, the Jacques Calvé Center is highly specialized in the rehabilitation and functional rehabilitation of adult patients with neurological and orthopedic conditions.

Mutualist Center of Kerpape

Considered a French benchmark in the rehabilitation of disabled people, the Mutualist Center of Kerpape provides rehabilitation care aimed at adults and children with musculoskeletal disorders, neurological and neuromuscular disorders, cardiovascular and respiratory disease, and the severely burned.

Winners of the national “Innovation’s Territories” projects call for the “Handicap Innovation Territory”, the Kerpape Mutualist Center and My Cyber Royaume defend the development of technological innovations for disability.

Our partners as well as our collaborators are part of an innovation process around the societal challenges of our time, to participate in the action and reflection around e-health, and the care pathway of the individual throughout his life.


In a context of globalization and trade’s expansion, innovation must be linked to actors within its ecosystem and outside its ecosystem, such as DELL, HTC VIVE, ELIOR, HUMANIS, BPI, the Hauts-de-France region, Cluster santé, Eurasanté, Euratechnologie, Quatersperanto / IRCEM.

Pilot centers

Bohars Hospital
Brest University Hospital

Bohars Hospital specializes in Psychiatry and provides care for children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. Under the initiative of Doctor Sophie Le Borgne, the Intersector of Psychiatry for the Elderly Subject wishes to integrate virtual reality at the heart of therapeutic practices to improve cognitive capacities, especially the executive ones, for the depressed elderly subject.

Robert Doisneau Centre
OVE Foundation


The IME and the SESSAD of Robert Doisneau Center support the inclusion of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders and offer personalized support around the school, educational and therapeutic project to promote learning, communication, and autonomy.

Rooted in an innovation approach led by the deputy director Ms Florence Brunaux, deputy director of the childhood center, the professionals wish to optimize their commitment to therapeutic support and consider faster progress in learning the targeted skills.

Centre pilote : EHPAD L'Orange Bleue, Méricourt - My Cyber Royaume

L’Orange Bleue


L’Orange Bleue offers, in addition to permanent accommodation, a range of services to residents such as: temporary accommodation, day care, help to caregivers through the respite platform as well as support. responsibility for behavioral disorders thanks to PASA (Activity and Adapted Care Center).

Its multidisciplinary team aims to put all their skills, their know-how and their human qualities at the service of the residents so that their stay is as pleasant as possible.

Our awards

GOOD CELLS, awarded 5 times in technology and healthcare