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good cells

Good Cells

Good Cells is a health and wellness tool that uses virtual reality for rehabilitation, and for cognitive and motor functional rehabilitation.

good diag

Good Diag

The latest creation of My Cyber Royaume tools, the Good Diag solution is a virtual reality diagnostic software.


Land & Care

The Land & Care software prepares and exposes the person to a highly immersive virtual environment for care and well-being.

Solutions adapted to all situations


Physical rehabilitation


Recover the motor skills by training and stimulating the limbs (hand, arms, head, legs, etc.)

E.g. Virtual reality rehabilitation for patients with stroke, head trauma

Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) are the leading cause of acquired disability in adults in France, while head injuries are the leading cause of severe disability in adults under 45 years old.

When a CVA affects an area of the brain involved in motor skills, it can cause paralysis of a part of the body. Post-stroke rehabilitation, thanks to a series of interactive GOOD CELLS exercises, aims to reactivate neuroplasticity, which means to help the brain to “rewire” itself and allow the patient to recover some of the lost motor skills.

The patient is immersed in a virtual environment thanks to a helmet equipped with a screen and a series of sensors placed on the body. His therapist can choose from a series of activities that encourage the patient moving their arms.

Mental health

Cognitive stimulation and training

Mental health

Recover the cognitive capacities by training and stimulating cognitive processes (memory, attention, executive functions, etc.)

E.g. Management of neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s

GOOD CELLS allows to change the situations in a secure environment.

Relaxation - Well-being


Relaxation - Well-being

33% of people report being stressed by their personal lives.

Let go and reduce anxieties.

Immersive relaxation is easy for everybody. No need for wide open spaces, My Cyber Royaume software offer moments of escape for the body and mind through a quality virtual support. Their strength lies in an immediate and efficient disconnection through an immersion in a peaceful world with natural environments and varied contexts. 

There is nothing like virtual reality to get rid of anxiodepressive symptoms, stressful patterns, release your tensions, step back, and welcome change or novelty in harmony with our emotions, allowing yourself to let go or to invite gentleness and harmony in your inner being. One goal : to relax.

Aging better

Functional & cognitive rehabilitation

Aging better

Recover your functional capacities to reduce dependency and maximize autonomy.

Simple and intuitive, the software was developed to be used by seniors even with a loss of autonomy. It is about putting them in a virtual situation during activities of real daily life: preparing meals, shopping, moving around, playing…. Applications for cognitive stimulation, neuropsychological evaluation, behavioral activation, and relaxation.

Healthcare professionals working with older people must face complex issues. The elderly frequently present mood disorders (depression, anxiety disorders, sleep disorders) which can be aggravated by somatic issues (chronic pain, health problems) and social ones (isolation, feeling of loneliness).The other difficulty encountered by geriatric caregivers is the cognitive decline, normal or pathological, of the elderly patient which worsens the mood disorders and leads to a loss of autonomy.

Better work life

Positive therapeutic experiences

Better work life

36% of the French people are stressed because of their professional life.

Preventing psychosocial risks and prioritizing life quality at work.

The world is changing, and with it, the work environment.

Putting people at the heart of professional issues means making the company more efficient tomorrow. From this perspective, virtual reality focused on the well-being of the employee or the manager is an effective response and a major ally. With its numerous animations and virtual journeys, My Cyber Royaume uses virtual reality to prevent psychosocial risks and helps improving the quality of life at work.

Social bond preservation


Social bond preservation

An interactive and multi-participant tool has been developed to allow hospitalized people or those with reduced mobility to maintain a social bond with their loved ones, regardless of the distance between them.

Our markets

The content of our software is developed with health professionals: neurologists, psychiatrists, physicians in physical medicine and rehabilitation, neuropsychologists, and occupational therapists. They meet the specific needs of both the patient and the user. A targeted therapy plan can be set up with the ability to measure, track and quantify progress with real-time data feedback.

Our solutions are aimed at:


  • Occupational therapists

  • Physiotherapists

  • Psychomotor therapists

  • Neuropsychologists

  • Nurses

  • Psychologists

Well-being professionals

  • Sophrologists