Our team

A multidisciplinary team

My Cyber Royaume emerges from the multidisciplinarity of scientific, technical, and artistic skills. Around an R&D laboratory made up of scientists (researchers, clinicians, and engineers) and strong partnerships in research and innovation, the company currently has around twenty contributors led by the founder, Caroll Duthérage.

The sales team, trained in the use of software, supports healthcare establishments in their acquisition of virtual reality equipment and the direct feedback from therapists. The growing company is constantly increasing its workforce.


Caroll Duthérage

CEO Founder – Innovation Director

About her

In February 2017, she created My Cyber Royaume which marketed in 2019 the first interactive and immersive therapeutic software: GOOD CELLS.

This creation has a genesis. Caroll is the third child in a family where science, technology, health, and art are closely tied. Her civic sense was born with it. Giving and receiving allow her to grow and evolve towards her own freedom. Her professional career followed the same dynamic.

In 2012, Caroll, convinced that it was necessary to tame virtual reality, produced a very ingenious project combining Art and Science, The Fifth Sleep / “Le 5ème Sommeil”, selected at the Cannes Festival Market in 2013, in the Cross Media Corner. Driven by this success on the international market, she cedes partial rights of “The Fifth Sleep” to Samsung, which is looking for a high-performance and ambitious project. Samsung engineers discover the vast possibilities of virtual reality with “The Fifth Sleep” and create the Samsung Gear!

Gradually, a certainty is born within Caroll: “The technological power of virtual reality for care and health”. Everything she undertook and learned will allow her to create a project where well-meaning technology is at the service of the therapist for the care of the patient. Very curious, she likes to listen, to feel, and to learn. In 2015, she produced the prototype of a therapeutic kitchen in VR.

She met Professor Florence Pasquier and very quickly, they shared the same vision for VR in the service of diagnosis, prevention, and care: “We cannot avoid VR for cognitive remediation, rehabilitation, and diagnosis!”.

Caroll has this particularity of seeing the beauty of the world. Enchantment is for her a source of energy and will: “I wanted to reintroduce the quintessence of life into MY CYBER ROYAUME’s projects to restore faith and energy in any care that is part of a care pathway.” For her, taking care of yourself is opening the desire to see further: “Energy is a fabulous motor for the brain and the body, essential for combating illness, or an accident. Prevention is a word that is becoming fashionable. But this word will allow to change everybody’s future by staying in shape to devour life and to love those close to you.”

Caroll loves to move, discover, and learn! Her day can start with a jog with a friend or a bike ride to the office. Her taste for food brings her every week to her favorite chocolate factory, or by the end of the week, to the small wine merchant who likes to introduce surprising and delicious beverages.

She has another passion: coastal sailing. Leading an innovative company requires certain qualities like those of a sailboat captain! You must anticipate the paths and remain flexible to changes.

Being an Einstein fan, she devours this same need to practice sailing and art: “I cannot resist sailing. I appreciate the communion with nature, the water, the sky, the harmony.” “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” – Einstein



Carole Fournier

Executive assistant

About her

For almost 20 years, Carole has put her good mood, her innate sense of organization, and her discipline at the service of various public and private companies.

At the end of 2020, she heard the call of the other Caroll and enthusiastically came to support this young company which never ceases to grow and recruit. And employment contracts, she knows them as much as accounting, in short, she quickly became Caroll’s essential collaborator and the valuable ally of the teams. She keeps “the whole thing” running.

She has many passions: you can see her in a diving suit with a tank on her back, ready to explore the seabed, or inspired in front of her canvas, brush in one hand and charcoal in the other, ready to “embrace” life. And if we tell you that Carole loves others, she loves them so much that she became a firefighter…

The scientific team

Laurent Zikos

Project Manager
Good Diag

About him

There you have Laurent, the first neuropsy to have joined My Cyber Royaume. Laurent is a little stubborn, and as he saw that the tools he had to use did not suit him, he made a little crazy choice to drop two permanent contracts (and a peaceful future all planned out) to join My Cyber Royaume and develop a new way of doing his job.

With his experience on the field and his values, he enjoys bridging the gap between the corporate world and the care professions. Surely, his obsession his scientific rigor regarding the use of the right terms drives salespeople a little crazy, but it is thanks to the meeting of different worlds that things get done according to him.

When not working, Laurent likes to get lost in the imaginary worlds of books. He says that there is more to learn there than in the personal development department at the Fnac book store. Besides that, we discovered that when he gives the excuse “I have pony to attend to” in order to avoid a late meeting, it was true!

Lisa Cerda

Project Manager
Land & Care

About her

Doctor in psychology from the Aix-Marseille University, and passionate about psychology and technology, Lisa settles in the North of France to join the My Cyber Royaume team.

After specializing in the therapeutic use of virtual reality as part of her thesis, she wishes to continue using virtual reality for the benefit of the care.

Mariette Marrant

Project Manager 
Scientifif Data

About her

Mariette, cognitive engineer in Cogmaster of Paris, last year and internship at MY CYBER ROYAUME.

Her profile is hybrid: she has scientific and technical expertise, which she acquired during an atypical school career, a 2nd year of Maths license, and a MIASHS license from Lille University. Her dual competence is interwoven with the spirit and DNA of My Cyber Royaume. For her, cognitive sciences will be essential and will help change society.

Optimist, idealist, and perfectionist, she is also very focused on others and always listening. Mariette is also passionate about board games, and she is convinced that games can have a real beneficial impact, especially in health.

Virtual reality offers an enormous recreational and rehabilitative potential. She is delighted to be able to contribute to the “Good Cells” project and to work with a team as rich and dynamic as it is welcoming. So, she enjoys her internship to the fullest!

Being a generous gourmet, she loves to cook for all her family, and she loves to travel! She devours rich experiences, like spending a whole summer working in a laundry in Malta or doing Wwoofing in Slovenia for a month. One of her (many) mottos?  “Anything is possible!”

Sales team

Stéphanie Gautreau

Commercial Director

About her

Her role leads Stéphanie to support the development of the company both nationally and internationally. Being a natural leader, she manages a team of motivated business developers to carry out their missions and accelerate the acquisition of new customers. Stéphanie particularly appreciates customer relations because she loves people!

Thanks to her career, Stéphanie has acquired solid knowledge in the health field and the medical world. She started her career in a marketing agency specializing in international market research in the health sector. For 4 years, she worked within the largest pharmaceutical groups: Sanofi, Bayer, Pfizer, Takeda, and more. She managed several international projects and took care of customer relations. Thanks to and with her clients, she has traveled the world, from Tokyo, Chicago, Berlin, to Dubai… and more! For the past two years, she held the position of Business Development Manager at Eurasanté, an economic development agency for the Nutrition and Health sector in the Hauts-de-France region, where she managed a sales team.

Stéphanie is a Canadian who fell in love with life “à la française”, 6 years ago.

Passionate about sport, she regularly practices CrossFit, loves snowboarding, and dreams of being a professional surfer (well…). Most of all, she loves to eat!

Stéphanie holds a bachelor’s degree in sport and well-being, and a master’s degree in Healthcare Management, from the University of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Baptiste Gal

Business developer

About him

Providing adapted care solutions to help dependent people regain their autonomy, now that is a mission that fits Baptiste like a glove. It is important for him that people with disabilities have access to the best care tools to facilitate their daily lives, and to lead them to enjoy small pleasures to which they no longer had access. Currently, Baptiste is happy to offer with the sales team “the most advanced care range for cognitive disorders in VR, to revolutionize the medical world”! And nothing pleases him as much as the vast territory of his job, he is a brand ambassador both in France, and internationally.

Graduated from a bachelor’s degree in international commercial projects management, he is passionate about traveling and the discovery of new cultures. His experiences in India and Senegal have shown him how much we had to learn, but also to pass on! This is particularly true in the field of health where practices are extremely different.

Carla Bocquillon

Customer follow-up and VR trainer

About her

Carla, with a constant smile on her lips, has the heavy task of customer follow-up: as such, she trains people to tools, she ensures their proper functioning in customer establishments, and of course, she is Miss After-Sales-Service if there is any issue. She has energy, love, and patience to offer, which makes her particularly good at forming genuine bonds. And the closeness that she naturally exudes allows her to better understand and respond to needs.

Her atypical career has enabled her to acquire various useful skills for her mission. Modern letters, then psycho, she then turned to commerce and more precisely the after-sales of commerce, the customer relations, or customer satisfaction in other words.

It was during her studies that she joined MCR, 3 years ago, as a sales representative and then moved to the position of customer service manager, which became necessary with the commercial development of the company.

Passionate about art and culture in its entirety, with a strong attraction towards dancing, she loves to travel to obviously “feed” on other cultures.

Sportswoman and competitor especially with friends, she enjoys different sports.

Augustin Tonnel

Business developer

About him

Augustin is responsible for researching and contacting various establishments to present the MCR software and offer its demonstration. His training in Customer relations and his professional experiences have made him a very attentive interlocutor to the broad needs of healthcare establishments. The challenge that is the most important to him: to make MCR a world leader in VR HEALTH. His unfailing motivation and energy contribute to the positive sharing spirit that reigns in the company. Sportsman (basketball fan) and music lover, he loves concerts and festivals where he can give free rein to his energy.

The R&D team

Benoit Habert

R&D team leader and
3D VR graphic designer

About him

Benoit wears two hats, first as a 3D graphic designer, he transforms an idea into a virtual object by combining functionality with aesthetics. Getting his hands on everything, he also takes care of the processing of 360° videos and the production of 2D interfaces.

Team leader of the technical team, he is responsible for monitoring developments and ensures the well-being of his team family.

His technical profile and his seniority in the team allow him to have a global vision of the projects during the development phases, and to understand the challenges during the implementation of new functionalities.

Benoit is in constant technical search and does not hesitate to develop the methodologies of graphic design work within the team. His generalist profile allows him to meet the ambitions and projects of My Cyber Royaume.

When he is not working, Benoit enjoys spending time taking care of his vegetable garden and modeling organic objects in 3D (cartoon characters, animals, etc.) to exercise his cognitive functions.

Mickael Laszlo

R&D engineer
in virtual reality

About him

What if technology could really be at the service of people, useful and accessible to all?

What if we changed health by creating better therapeutic tools?

What if we changed society by giving to the most vulnerable people an access to experiences that they thought they were deprived of?

These questions obsess him and are his driving force. To answer them, he joined My Cyber Royaume, armed with his IT development experience and his specialization in Virtual Reality technology (Master IVI in Laval).

Jérémie Ségura

R&D engineer
in virtual reality

About him

He’s Jérémie, he has been there from the start and he is one of the veterans… Well yes, 32 years old is well above the average of the production team! Sometimes a foot in the company, sometimes a foot outside: not that he is scattered (ok, maybe), but he keeps a professional activity in parallel.

During his studies in computer science, he realized that you could do “sexy” things by programming. He therefore embarked in digital imaging to become a 3D programmer. Along the way, he discovered the great world of virtual reality and, one thing leading to another, he became a graphics programmer at My Cyber Royaume.

What is it? He is the one who, not necessary having artistic talents, uses his skills as a developer to open the field of possibilities in terms of graphics. He creates visual effects, improves certain renderings, optimizes, makes like easier for graphic designers (or not), or he “just” tries to ensure that liquids can be transferred from one container to another.

Besides, he teaches in video games schools, hits things to make music (it’s called drums, in fact), and from the “height” of his 176 cm, he plays volleyball. At least he tries, ahah! I am being told that he says he appreciates open space while having the particular skill of unsheathing his headphones faster than his shadow.

Pierre Chen

Graphic designer

About him

3D graphic designer specialized in VR, Pierre has long been interested in the playful world, which he wanted to make his profession.

With his knowledge and his professional training background, he uses them in My Cyber Royaume to create Good Cells, the software that is revolutionizing virtual therapy for the health and well-being world.

When he is not revamping his software, Pierre travels through novels or by playing. Yes, Pierre plays well, and he plays a lot! Board games or video games, he is a pro, and you’d better be a team member than his opponent because he likes to win… And if you want to give him a present, he loves model making figurines!

Timothé Trouart

Graphic Designer
2D Freelance

About him


Adrien Singer

Developer unity
Good Diag

About him

Adrien is all about serious business. He prototypes, implements, and maintains the software offered by My Cyber Royaume.

With the technical team, he imagines how to realize the emerging ideas of the company and more particularly takes care of the application architecture to be able to provide a scalable experience to the customers.

With expertise in virtual reality and mobile gaming, Adrien puts his acquired knowledge at the customer’s disposal so that the latter has the most enjoyable experience possible. Sportsman in his spare time but being a lover of all kind of games, Adrien is happy to apply the codes of these particular areas to therapy, in order to make the sessions memorable, unlike the bland and boring image that the medical world can give.

Quentin Sellier

Dev Ops 

About him

On an apprenticeship contract, Quentin has been coming to work and to learn during summer for 3 years alongside My Cyber Royaume. It is fortunate for him to be able to merge IT and health, especially with products as innovative as Good Cells. Specialized in development (C#), his studies nevertheless allowed him to acquire some expertise in system administration and data management.

Craft beer amateur (to be consumed in moderation), cinema and video games lover, it is mainly around these three occupations that his extra-professional activities are revolving.

Unity developer, trained at Epitech, the computer expertise school, Victor is fond of new technologies and is interested in virtual reality. He loves working on innovative projects. He is passionate about video games, and more particularly the game engine. He specializes in the development of applications with unity 3D

Victor Danneels

R&D engineer
in virtual reality

About him


Benjamin Poilan

Sound technician

About him


Guillaume Tobo


About him

Guillaume Tobo lends his voice to the care programs of My Cyber Royaume. Guillaume is an actor.

In theater, he has worked with John Wright (UK), Martin Charnin (UK), Catherine Mendelsson (UK), John Wright (UK), Christian Rist, the Ballatum Theater, Marc Feld or the “Attroupement 2”.

In cinema and television, he has worked with Jean Rouch, Pascal Dallet, Laurent de Bartillat, Jean-Paul Verhaeghe, Richard Curtis (UK), Mehreen Saigol (UK), Ben Hopkins (UK) (…). Guillaume is also a producer through his company Connectic Studio.

In 2017, he released with Destiny Films the first production of Connectic Studio, the feature film DEPARTURE, directed by Andrew Steggal and with the young British star, Alex Lawter. It was a success, considering that the movie received 7 international awards.  

The Scientific Committee
Lille CHU and Lille University

Pr Florence Pasquier

of neurology

About her

Responsible for the Memory resource and research center in Lille, Florence Pasquier leads a network of memory consultations in the Nord and Pas de Calais.

Her team is a member of Labex DISTALZ, which places her at the center of clinical, translational, human, and social research.

Pr Pascal Antoine

in psychology

About him

Pascal Antoine works at the Lille University, in the SCALab Cognitive and Affective Sciences laboratory, within the UMR CNRS 9193.

He conducts research on the experience of sick people and family caregivers, spouses or children confronted with Alzheimer’s disease.

His work aims to raise awareness and train professionals, and to develop supports to improve the life quality of families.

Pr Bruno Lenne

of neuropsychology

About him

Bruno Lenne works at the Catholic University of Lille, he is an associate member of the Cognition, Health, Society Laboratory (C2S, EA6291) of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne.

Bruno Lenne carries out research on cognitive, emotional, and behavioral disorders in various neurological pathologies, especially with patients suffering from multiple sclerosis.

His work aims to better understand the neuropsychological consequences of these pathologies and to propose cognitive and support strategies for patients and their caregivers.

Pr Sabrina Sacconi

Professor of neurology

About her

Sabrina Sacconi is Professor of Neurology at Nice University Hospital (France), recognized as French Reference Center for rare Diseases and part of the European Rare Disease Network on Neuromuscular diseases.

Pr. Sacconi starts to practice medicine in 1997 at Pavia in Italy and becomes specialist in neurology in 2003. From 2004 to 2008, she begins a European career and constantly improves her competences and understandings on neuromuscular disorder. In 2010, she obtains a PhD in cell physiology and biology with a work on genetic and epigenetic of facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy. In 2012, she obtains an accreditation to supervise research in Nice and becomes full University Professor in 2014 for the Nice UHC.

Since then, she is Head of the department « Peripheral Nervous System and Muscle ». She is also coordinating a basic research team at IRCAN Institute of Research on Cancer and Aging and working on the suppling of several databases and biobank on rare neuromuscular diseases.

The main research topic of Prof. Sacconi is the development of new therapeutic strategies on neuromuscular diseases based on the understanding the role of genetic, epigenetic, endocrine and immune system deregulation in the progression of these diseases.

More recently, she has developped interesting projects in new technologies for the diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of neuromuscular and neurogenetic diseases, including facial and vocal recognition, virtual reality, digital biomarkers, telemedicine and robots. She is the organizer of e-NMD 2019 and 2020.

Our awards

GOOD CELLS, awarded 5 times in technology and healthcare