Research & Development

Unique R&D team

Our experts work every day on our health tools in order to improve their various functionalities thanks to the customer care and thanks to our pilot centers. The strength of our innovative tool is supported by a responsive multidisciplinary team so that innovation remains at the heart of our practices. This internal company team is made up of scientific, technical, and artistic teams. The alchemy of such skills is necessary for the conception of a research and development program to have tools responding to the complexity of the human being.

Expanded ecosystem of specialists

Our R&D team is in constant interaction with our scientific and technological partners to stay as close as possible to the clinical practices needs. This responsive dynamism is part of an innovative approach.

My Cyber Royaume animates these close relations in a double dynamic of reflection and improvement of tools, and by setting up, for their validation, clinical studies and research.


Objectives :

  • Improving the content of our tools in accordance with the needs of healthcare professionals and their clinical practices.
  • Assessing the user experience of healthcare professionals and the care experience of the patients. Their field and fundamental research expertise brings a complementary dimension to our conception process. This approach results in clinical studies carried out by our scientific partners.

Innovation in progress

The health crisis has also accelerated our implementation of remote care in virtual reality through an external platform.

MCR assessed the practicability of using a remote VR tool for cognitive and motor stimulation, to extend its implementation, to standardize the process, and to build a network of educated and trained professionals. The results showed the practicability of use, the rapid learning of the software by the caregiver and the patient, and the efficient remote management of the equipment. The support allowed to meet the technical challenges of updating the software and those of connecting them.

Virtual reality

In medicine, virtual reality therapy (VRT) is effective against many pathologies. It is used in the study of sensorimotor behavior…

Clinical trials

The evaluation, training, exercises and protocols accompanying the environments are studied and validated by a Scientific Committee.

Our equipment

The headset is the essential accessory to discover the virtual reality experience. We offer 2 models of HTC VIVE, the HTC Vive Pro EYE, a wired headset connected to a desktop, and the HTC FOCUS, the autonomous wireless headset. These two high resolution images helmets allow therapeutic immersion. They are also the only ones to offer easily cleanable surfaces, with antibacterial solutions.

Each model offers significant advantages, combining both comfort and usability.